FrontAndCenter is a tool for software developers that allows document management and versioning to be added to almost any software system.  FrontAndCenter is a set of ActiveX controls that form the user interface of a sophisticated document management and versioning system.  A server-based system runs on the file server and interacts with the user interface controls.  Together they allow the software developer to add powerful document management features to custom applications.  This system manages any type of document and offers security features to control which user can perform specific operations.

FrontAndCenter is presently under development and is expected to released by the end of 2005.


Check Out:  Check out documents for revisions.  No other user may submit changes until the original user checks the document back in.

Check In:  Check in documents after editing.  Previous versions are archived and versioned for easy retrieval.

Versioning:  Version control is flexible, allowing the administrator to decide whether full copies are kept of older versions of files or deltas are generated (thereby keeping disk usage to a minimum).

Security:  The administrator can assign users various rights including Copy (Read), Check In (which implies Check Out), Add, Delete, and Rename.  The security system is easily integrated with your program's security system.

Logging:  The system generates activity logs, which allows the administrator to determine who checked out files, checked in files, deleted files, added files, etc.

Other features such as adding, deleting, and renaming are also built into the system.