About Interthink
Founded in 1987, Interthink has successfully delivered solutions to a wide range of customer in industries such as banking, equipment leasing, manufacturing, laboratory services, financing, distribution, and others.

The truth about software development is embodied in our standard answer to the "can you make the computer do this?" question.  Our answer is simply that "we can make the computer do anything you want it to do, but some things you want it to do are more expensive than others."  What this means is simply that you have to assume that it can be done, given the availability of funds.  But the key is to determine the costs vs. the benefits and make an conscious decision to move forward with the projects that make economic sense.  Because we strive to be a partner and because we realize our success depends on yours, we put your interests first.  This means that we pay attention to your budgetary constraints and always strive to give you the most value for your dollar.